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Ribbon Collection

  • $85.00

    Seashell & Ribbon Wreath-20 inch

    This beautiful 20 inch seashell and ribbon wreath is the perfect addition to any beach house! The wreath is a natural grapevine wreath covered with green moss and then decorated with crisp blue and white striped ribbon and seashells all tied up with a bow. Wreath also comes with pink...
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  • $65.00

    Green & Purple Ribbon Wreath -20 inch

    The base for this beautiful wreath is natural grapevine with green moss decorated with an elegant green and purple polka dot ribbon finished with a perfect bow. The wreath measures 20 inches and is available in red and white polkadots, and purple and pink polka dots.
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  • $65.00

    Pink & Blue Ribbon Wreath - 20inch

    This natural grapevine wreath is covered in green moss and then decorated with a beautuful pink and blue polka dot ribbon and finished with a crisp bow.The perfect gift.. it looks great on any door. Also comes in purple/green and red/white polka dots.
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