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Special Occasions Collection

  • $85.00

    4th of July Wreath - 20 inch

    Show your patriotic spirit with this beautiful handmade 20 inch grapevine wreath decorated with green moss and high quality festive 4th of July ribbon and some sparklers!
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  • $160.00

    Wedding Wreath - 30inch

    This is the most elegant wedding wreath on natural grapevine with boxwood. It is covered with white roses, gardenias, sweetpeas, narcissus and stephanotis. You will be able to enjoy this wreath on the big day and for many anniversaries to come. The perfect gift for the wedding couple of the...
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  • $125.00

    Wedding Wreath - 24inch

    The perfect gift for the wedding couple to enjoy on their big day and for many anniversaries to come…This natural grapevine wreath is covered in boxwood and then decorated with the finest quality silk flowers. Roses, narcissus, gardenias, sweetpeas and stephanotis all the most traditional wedding flowers are all elegantly...
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  • $95.00

    Seashell & Ribbon Wreath-18 inch

    This is a one-of-a-kind seashell wreath made from seashells collected in Baja California. I made this wreath for my family from shells that were collected by my kids. The wreath measures 18 inches and is featured with a beautiful blue and white nautical bow. A wreath like this is a...
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  • $70.00

    Red Rose Garden Wreath

    Nothing could be more romantic than this beautiful heart-shaped wreath made from natural grapevine, decorated with the highest quality silk roses and english garden topiary ivy. A true classic that will steal anyones heart! Wreath measures 18 – 20 inches. Wreath can be made in pink, white or burgundy.
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